Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Visiting NY Street Performer Arrested after Wielding a Dildo at Miami Beach Police Officers during "Unfair Wealth Protest" on Art Basel Weekend. / Michael A. Haber, Esq. **ARRESTED / **305DUI

Meet Kalan Sherrad, yes that's him below...

Kalan is a NY based "street performer" who was in the 305 last week for the infamous Art Basel festivities.  

However, apart from crafting, displaying,  selling, viewing, buying or even appreciating "art", Kalan was participating in a group of about 30 in a "protest against the wealthy" at the Miami Beach Convention Center.  As the group was being herded out of the building by MBPD officers 'ole Kalan reached into his pants, removed a dildo and wielded it at an officer.  Kalan, dildo wielding douchebag that he apparently is, was arrested for disturbing the peace and resisting arrest (misdemeanor variety). Now, sadly, but like many before him, Kalan will likely....

Memo to the Folks:  When you are in a police-citizen encounter, no matter how right you think that you are or how wrong you think that the cops are (or how unfair you think the separation of wealth is or whatever happens to be bouncing about inside of your cranium) just freaking respect the authority of law enforcement to act in the moment and recognize that you will get your opportunity to react and even seek revenge if the same is in fact warranted.    Feel free to record the incident but err on the side of complying, shutting-up, eating crow, following directions, not acting in a threatening or defiant manner, not being either intellectually challenging or physically obstructive, and never, ever, brandishing a weapon, real or perceived (including a dildo), under any circumstances.

Recognize that whether consciously or as a matter of evolution and DNA everyone is always looking out for themselves, thus, especially in police-citizen encounters there is a built in paranoia factor.  If you are a cop then this means that the civilian whom you engage (solo, much less when in a group / mob) may well be a raging dildo wielding lunatic; and if you are a civilian then this means that the cop who engages you may well be a raging 'roided out, fascist, power-tripping, violent, itching to maim another lunatic.  Whether any of this is accurate or not, sadly, the potential is there, and in any event the best thing for all to do is to appreciate the potential, tailor your own behavior accordingly and hope for the best.  (And, I'm seriously about this, if you can then record your police-citizen encounter from start to finish.  The reality of knowing that everything which is being said and done is being digitally preserved is perhaps the best control mechanism possible.) 

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