Friday, February 27, 2015

Sex, Lies & Videotape - Female Lawyer Arrested after Falsely Accusing Cabbie of Extortion and Video Voyeurism ~ Call Michael A. Haber @ **ARRESTED

This is a bizarre story, to say the least... Meet Jennifer Gaubert, a Louisiana lawyer.  That's her below...

Jennifer was arrested and charged with a felony for making a false statement (filing a false police report) claiming that Harvey Farrell (pictured below), a Louisiana cab driver, had tried to extort her seeking $60,000.00 so as NOT to publish a "sex tape" which he had secretly made of the two of them inside of his cab.

The incident occurred in 2012 when Jennifer entered Harvey's cab and attempted to seduce him. The three plus (3+) minute video (which can be seen here), which started recording sometime after Jennifer had entered the cab and which did NOT capture the initial seduction, clearly shows Jennifer's persistent, serious and raunchy efforts at further cajolery.  Not seeing what precipitated the video, however, it also seems that something (presumably kissing had in fact occurred - as there is a point in the tape Harvey says "no, you kissed me") prior to Harvey doing a secretive and presumed "CYA" video with his cell phone.  

Regardless of any speculation it is clear, plain and undeniable that when the video begins Jennifer is in the front passenger seat of the cab, clearly lifting up her skirt, tugging on her underwear, exposing her genitals and aggressively trying to goad an utterly unwilling Harvey into having a sexual encounter in his cab, consistently and persuasively using words such as "baby" and "please".

Not withstanding Jennifer's relentless physical and verbal inducements for sex, Harvey, on the other hand (on tape anyhow - again, what happened before he started filming we don't know), repeatedly insists that he is faithful to his girlfriend, will not fool around with Jennifer and continues asking her where she lives so that he can drive her home.  

So how is it that Jennifer was arrested?  Well... a year after the incident, On April 5, 2013, the video somehow surfaced and Jennifer filed a police report claiming that Harvey had filmed her without her permission.  She told police that she was intoxicated, that she got in his cab, that they started to fool around "consensually" and that Harvey then filmed her without her permission.  Significantly, Jennifer further alleged that Harvey had emailed her a copy of the video claiming that he'd "make it disappear" in exchange for what started at $60,000.00 (which amount was allegedly lowered to $1,000.00).  Jennifer told the police that "What I did was embarrassing and stupid, but it wasn't a crime.  What he did to me {filming} was criminal". And the police agreed, arresting Harvey for Extortion and Video Voyeurism.

However, Harvey's arrest was the result of shoddy police work.  Not only did the cops neither see nor secure the alleged extortion email, but as the case against Harvey progressed it became apparent that there never was such an email, or at least that Jennifer could not produce it.  

Ultimately the DA dropped all charges against Harvey and instead charged Jennifer with a felony for making a false statement.  The case proceeded to trial and on January 16th, 2015 Jennifer was convicted of a lesser misdemeanor charge of simple battery.  On Wednesday, February 25th, 2015 Jennifer received a suspended sentence of one (1) day in jail and one (1) day of probation.  Meanwhile, after his case was dismissed, Harvey filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against both Jennifer her and the City claiming that he was the victim of "false arrest, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution and kidnapping" following the media accounts of his arrest which he says defamed his reputation.

Memo to Jennifer:   A)  Your being a "member of the Bar" does not license you to get intoxicated, act in an impaired and embarrassing manner and then cry foul.  I don't know the first thing about Louisiana lawyer regulation but in Florida I suspect that your license would be in jeopardy from your actions (both on the night in question and thereafter).  

B)  Remember her?  She lied to law enforcement too....

C)  My advise:  The next time that you hail a cab, get in, and stay in, the back seat.

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