Wednesday, January 21, 2015

FL Daycare Worker Caught on Video Repeatedly Kicking Sleeping Toddler, Arrested for Child Abuse ~ Call Michael A. Haber, Esq. @ **ARRESTED

Meet 48 y/o Linda M. Klemm of Tarpon Springs, Florida.  That's her below...

Klemm was employed as a daycare worker at the Kid's Stop and Play in Holiday, Florida, but with this woman at the helm it was no holiday for the kids there, at least not for a young, blonde girl named Lillian Faggione, aged sixteen (16) MONTHS, who had only been enrolled at the Holiday day care for a mere three (3) days...

Lillian's parents (mom is 24 y/o Crystal Faggione and dad is 36 y/o Joseph Roan) had registered their toddler daughter in the day care facility on Thursday, January 15th, 2015 and three (3) days later, on Saturday, January 17th, they made an appalling discovery.  

Dad had dropped the toddler off for her third day at at day care and when mom picked her up from the facility at about 12:45 pm on Saturday she noticed a bruise under the toddler's eye.  Mom called the daycare to advise of the bruise and was told that it didn't happen at the daycare.  However, when she got home mom observed that the toddler had multiple bruises, one (1) underneath her eye, three (3) on here forehead and a "red, bald patch" on her head, and this led to a call to the Pasco County Sheriff's Department, which in turn led to Klemm's arrest for felony child abuse.

Thankfully, after a trip to the hospital the toddler's injuries were deemed "superficial", but, naturally, mom and dad are furious.  The day care facilities owner of twenty-two (22) years, Rhonda Swetland (she's not 22 year's old, rather she has owned the facility for 22 years), is equally "appalled".  With no history of complaints or prior incidents on file (including none against Klemm), Swetland has sixteen (16) employees, all of whom underwent background checks, and sixteen (16) video cameras, all of which Sheriff's Deputies reviewed.  Per Swetland, Klemm had worked at the day care for four (4) years with no allegations of improper action.  Although she fired Klemm immediately, Swetland was described as being a mother of four (4) herself, is a "mellow" person and "all of the children {at the daycare center} love her... they run up to her... I don't even know. I've been sick over this."  Still, while Klemm adamantly denies the allegations, the video's don't lie.  With some stills below you can see the video footage herewhich shows the victim lying on her stomach clutching a blanket while other toddlers are awake and playing.  Klemm approaches, kicks the girl in the head and then drags her shoe along the girl's head to wake her, causing the girl to twitch and get to her hands and knees. Another video clip, time stamped ten (10) minutes later, shows the child sleeping again, this time clutching the blanket and a teddy bear when Klemm kicks her on the backside, yanks her up to a sitting position and then casually walks away.

Like I said in the title of this blog post, "scientifically speaking, ALL people are animals; still some are literal animals as well".  I don't presume to know why Klemm apparently snapped and abused this sleeping child, but whatever the reason, as a parent myself I can barely begin to imagine the anguish that mom and dad experienced and I feel horrible for the family.  I also feel for Rhonda Swetland, the facility's owner, who apparently did all that she could reasonably have been expected to have done to ensure a safe environment for kids who had been entrusted into her care for more than a score. People snap.  That's a sad fact.  Sometimes its predictable, other times not so much.  

In Florida day care facilities are licensed by the Department of Children and Families (licensing information can be found here).  The laws and requirements for day care facilities are found in various Florida Statutes and in the Administrative Code (and can be found here).  Reports of abuse should be made here, to the Abuse Hotline and / or to your local police or sheriff's department.

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