Thursday, December 10, 2015

Police Department FAIL! ~ An Ohio Police Captain is Fired for Wearing a Pro-Marijuana Legalization Button next to his Badge ~ Call Michael A. Haber, Esq. @ 1-888-SHARK-8-1

Meet Vermillion, Ohio Police Captain Michael Reinheimer.  That's him below...

Captain Mike was fired after being called out for wearing a button on his uniform that supported legalizing marijuana in the State.

Per Vermilion Mayor Eileen Bulan (pictured below) Captain Mike "broke departmental rules by campaigning on a political issue while on duty".

Vermillion Police Chief Chris Hartung said that the sixteen (16) year veteran officer was fired for far more reasons that the button snafu.  In July Captain Mike reportedly paid a $250 fine and was suspended for 10 days after he was pulled over and found to have been driving with a suspended license.  In that incident he was allegedly captured on dashcam video successfully persuading the officer who pulled him over to let him drive home.  In another instance Captain Mike reportedly allowed another officer to receive certification for use of firearms by firing a gun at a tree rather than taking him to a range.  Captain Mike was also accused of improperly documenting other firearm trainings, reportedly using similarly unorthodox certification methods in the past.  So... is Captain Mike a....

I don't know but he is appealing his termination and he has announced plans to sue the city if the same is denied.  Captain Mike's story came to light just after Ohio voters had rejected a ballot initiative which would have legalized marijuana in the State for both recreational and medicinal use.

Captain Mike, who says that he supports marijuana legalization because his wife has epilepsy and some studies have shown the drug can be used to prevent seizures, wore a pin for a potential initiative for next year's ballot.  He said that a member of the Legalize Ohio 2016 campaign gave him the pin at an auction that he was running and that wearing it was not planned.  It is important to note that Captain Mike is far from being alone as a LEO in support of marijuana decriminalization.  Take a look at the NPO (non-profit organization) known as "LEP", or "Law Enforcement Against Prohibition" (you can access their Facebook page by clicking here).  Per their overview: "Cops, prosecutors, judges and everyday citizens are joining together  to fight back against the failed, dangerous and expensive 'war on drugs.'"

I don't know if Captain Mike was properly fired or not but I do believe that, above and beyond the "pin issue", he has exercised some poor judgment.  For example, following his suspension he reportedly wrote a Facebook post where he gave out the Mayor's office phone number and asked for support from those who supporting legal marijuana (and Mayor Bulan acknowledged that she had received a number of calls from people in support of the officer and his allegedly unjust treatment).  In his own defense Captain Mike indicated that some of his recent issues may be attributed to the fact that he started taking an antidepressant called Celexa.  "Looking back on it, I was probably doing some goofy stuff" as  recklessness is included as one of Celaxa's predictable side effects.

Memo to Captain Michael Reinheimer:  1)  I hope you get your job back.  2)  I hope the good folks of Ohio pass the initiative next year.  3)  I wish your wife the best.  4) Deal with your antidepressant issue proactively.  5)  Screw your Mayor, and your Chief for that matter.  Neither of those douches have your 6.  In fact, you might consider running against her.  Getting elected Mayor would a) provide you with a great platform to champion your beliefs and b) be the ultimate f*ck you to both the Mayor and your Chief.  Don't get mad, get even!

Memo to the Folks:  LEAP has it right, at least in regard to the issue of marijuana decriminalization.   There is no practical difference between alcohol and marijuana (except that the former is responsible for a ridiculous number of deaths in a variety of manners - ranging from DUI to OD) and the continued criminalization of marijuana is just as stupid (and wasteful) as it was with alcohol in the 1920's.   Marijuana should be regulated and taxed (just like alcohol), it should be used responsibly by adults and criminal codes relative to marijuana use should mirror those which are already in place for alcohol.  Such responsible action will not only permit otherwise law-abiding citizens to in fact abide by the law, but it will also free up law enforcement (as well as other criminal justice system) resources to focus on more significant and pressing matters, create a huge industry with jobs and income, concurrently cripple organized crime and generate a sh*tload of tax revenue. If you don;t believe me just ask the good folks in Colorado and Washington...

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