Monday, October 12, 2015

Mother Punishes Son for Homophobic Remarks by Dressing him in a Pink Tutu and Women's Underwear and Parading him Through a Local Walmart ~ Call Michael A. Haber, Esq. @ 1-888-SHARK-8-1

Not withstanding a plethora of articles there are no photos (not yet anyhow) of either the subject kid or his mother, but all news reports agree as to the facts:  Rock Hill, South Carolina mother is being investigated after she publicly shamed her son by dressing him in a tutu and women’s underpants and writing ‘bad’ on his partially shaved head before parading him through a local Walmart as a form of discipline.

After cops showed up at Walmart and told mom that this was not an acceptable form of punished they contacted a Department of Social Services case worker and mom is now under investigation, begging the question of whether or not this is a case of parental discipline or government overreaching?

Cops report that the boy's hair had been shaved "in an unusual manner" (bald, except for a patch of hair at the front of his head), that he had the word "bad" written in permanent marker on the back of his head, that he was dressed in a T-shirt, a pink tutu, women’s boots and women’s underwear.

Mom told cops that she was punishing her son for both making homophobic remarks and for fighting in school, explaining that corporal punishment had not resolved the boy’s behavioral issues, so she was trying to "embarrass him straight" instead.

Again, as I could not find any photos of either the subject kid or his mother, and as I have no idea whether his head was shaved before or after or the nature and extend of his behavioral issues it is difficult to pass judgment.   That said, and generically, I do believe that parents need to deal with their kid's behavioral issues both swiftly and with extreme prejudice, otherwise, if you don't, then...

I also believe that as a general rule cops - and more especially Social Services (DCF or whatever your jurisdiction calls it...), should not involve themselves in personal parenting matters.  Absent blatant abuse (physical, emotional or psychological) parents should not only be able to, but should be expected to, discipline their kids, sans fear of prosecution.  As a matter of personal experience when my kid was 5 we were in a typically brutal TSA line and my son was acting out.  He refused to stand still, kept trying to walk off and was having a mini-fit about something (I don't remember what and it matters not) so I grabbed him by the arm and yelled at him to stand still and shut up.  Next thing you know I had a TSA Agent in my face telling me to let go of my son's arm and to calm down.  Thankfully I had about 20 years of experience in dealing with cops and crimes and criminal cases and the lizard part of my brain kicked in stopping me from telling Mr. TSA Douchebag to focus on moving the unconscionably long security line along and then to go f*ck himself, instead somehow managing to rationally diffuse the situation. Had I spoken my mind, which was both my constitutional and parental right, then the best case scenario is that we would have missed our flight while I had a compulsory and uncomfortable discussion in a small, bland room (worst case is I would have been arrested and subject to a DCF investigation).  Again, I do not know whether this mother overstepped or not.  Maybe her kid was old enough to know better, maybe he was young enough to dissuade from further inappropriate behavior, maybe she went overboard...  What I do know is that A) there is an unclear line between abusing your child and disciplining your child and B) Social Services / DCF oftentimes does significantly more harm than good.

When it comes to the subject of "Cops, Courts and Constitutions" you should always have a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney who is focused on serving your interests.  While we can't stop the cops from arresting you, as your legal counsel Michael A. Haber, PA will ensure that your rights are respected from the moment that representation begins and that any abuses which may have occurred beforehand are remedied.

At Michael A. Haber, P.A. "Its all about reasonable doubt"!

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