Tuesday, November 10, 2015

"PC" FAIL! Female SoCar Sheriff's Captain is Under Fire for Racial Insensitivity for Wearing Black Face Paint as part of a Bob Marley Halloween Costume ~ Call Michael A. Haber, Esq. @ 1-888-SHARK-8-1

I, for one, am happy that South Park has taken on "PC" / Political Correctness this season, because, frankly, this situation is entirely out of hand.  Nowadays people are offended by everything, and worse yet, they are not only applauded for speaking out about their being offended but society now essentially demands compliance with these whiny complaint.  Wtf has happened to the world I grew up in?

Have we really gotten to the point where a white female police Captain has to publicly apologize for painting her face black, donning dreads and otherwise dressing as Bob Marley on freaking Halloween?  Apparently so....

That above is Gaston County, South Carolina Police Captain Melanie Thornbur, who was forced to issue a public apology after photographs of her wearing what was labeled as "blackface" as part of her Bob Marley Halloween costume surfaced on social media.  (Naturally it was not intended as "blackface" or to portray "blackface" - were that the case then I too would have a different take, but, in point of fact Captain Thornbur didn't even know what "blackface" was when she donned her last minute costume.  Still, such intent is precisely what some overly sensitive assclowns have attributed to her and put out there and so society bit and Captain Thornbur was effectively forced t apologize where no apology was necessary... except of course to save her job...)

Yes, Captain Thornburg is white, and yes she is wearing a dread-lock wig, a T-shirt emblazoned with a marijuana leaf, the word "High" and yes she has dark paint on her face.  HELLO... It's freaking Halloween and she's dressed as BOB MARLEY... What am I missing here?  Is she supposed to be a WHITE female Bob Marley?  Would that be less offensive?  For _______'s sake people (I hope you know who you are...) enough is enough already!

After being called out by both her own police department and the local NAACP chapter for using "blackface" (researching this article I too now know that what is called "blackface" became popular in the mid-1800s when white actors taking part in minstrel shows would paint their faces to play plantation slaves and free blacks who were then portrayed as foolish, ignorant or menacing caricatures) Captain Thornburg had to do damage control, stating that she was looking for a last minute idea for a Halloween getup over the weekend, and since she already had the wig and the shirt, she decided to go as the legendary Jamaican reggae singer/songwriter Bob Marley.  "I didn't do it out of disrespect and I apologize to anyone who took offense.  I wouldn't have ever tried to mock anyone."  In her mea culpa (which is, to me, in and of itself significantly more distressing than her donning the Halloween costume), Thornburg stressed that had she known what the act of artificially darkening one's face stood for, she would have never done it.  In the meantime me, well I just can't get over this.  Is it because she is a white female cop who dressed as a black male pothead musician?  Because to my mind that is what Halloween is all about, not to fail to mention that it is also, ironically and sarcastically, nothing more than funny (and also that it is most definitely not a racial jab). 

Memo to the Pussified (yes, that is what I am calling you) Folks out there:  Here are some Halloween costumes which are reasonably offensive.

Memo to the Pussified Folks continued:  Not that many of you care but I am offended that Captain Thornburg was forced to publicly apologize for this...

Memo to the Pussified Folks continued: In fact I am both disgusted and embarrassed that we have reached a point where...  

Memo to the Pussified Folks continued:  The only hope is for...

Memo to the Pussified Folks continued:  "PC" / Political Correctness has gone too far.  It's high (no Bob Marley pun intended) to reel that sh*t in. 

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