Friday, November 20, 2015

DoucheBaggerous Napa Valley Teen is Busted Driving Recklessly, Threatens Concerned Citizen and is Busted by Video of Entire Incident ~ Call Michael A. Haber, Esq. @ 1-888-SHARK-8-1

Chris Lundstrom is an angry resident of Napa Valley, California.  He's angry because his neighborhood has been terrorized by a douche baggerous teenager who has been recklessly driving though the neighborhood for nearly a month.  Per Chris: "He has been terrorizing our neighborhoods for over a month with his reckless driving. Crossing double yellow lines to pass vehicles, never stopping at a stop sign, driving 20+mpg over the speed limit, blowing through cross-walks when there are dozens of kids present crossing streets and riding bikes and waiting for buses. It was only a matter of time before he killed or injured someone, possibly himself."  Well, earlier in the month, on November 5th, 2015, Chris was able to capture the young douche bag on video (and you can see all glorious 57 seconds of it by clicking here... well you could except that Chris has now apparently removed the video from both his Facebook and YouTube channels...) and the interaction was, er, interesting...

On the video Chris approaches the teen and says:  "You blow through stop signs all the way over here. You guys think it's funny? I'm recording you and sending it to the cops. There's a ton of people who complain about you."... and this prompts the kid to try to obscure his face with his hand as a friend in the passenger seat looks on.   

Chris continues stating: "Too late, I've already got you. I've got you on dashcam video blowing through stop signs. I'm sending it to the cops. You guys have been talked to before by your principal. You guys need to stop."  The kid then replies: "Okay. Sorry about that." but an outraged Chris continues, stating:  "You're blowing through stop signs. There's kids riding bikes. You're going to kill somebody some day." which prompts the kid to drive off yelling something inaudible but then stopping and telling the camera: "You can't take videos of people. This is unlawful. I'm calling 911 right now. I'm getting molested. He touched me. I felt it. They all saw you, fool."

Unfortunately for the kid the video doesn't corroborate his claim of molestation, and to make matters worse for the reckless teen driver neither did his young passenger when he was questioned by cops.

Well Chris got the proverbial last laugh as after viewing his video (again, he removed it because he did not like the comments that it garnered, some of which were extremely harsh) the cops determined that he (Chris) did absolutely nothing wrong, and, in the meantime, the teen was expelled from his high school (apparently the video was icing after several prior complaints) and the local DA is now vetting the facts (including taking statements from multiple neighborhood eyewitnesses) and is considering charging the teen with both reckless driving and a driver license violation.

Memo to the Folks... especially to the young driver's out there:   Reckless driving is a serious business.  It is loosely defined as a driving pattern which exhibits the willful and wanton disregard for the safety of persons and property. In Florida it is a criminal offense which is punishable by up to sixty (60) days in jail the first time, six (6) months the second and one (1) year if either anyone or anything in injured as a result of the recklessness.  

Memo to the young expelled teen in question:  What you did - over the course of at least a month - was uber-stupid.  Any of a number of foreseeable horrible things could have happened, including he fact that you could easily have killed someone - like a toddler on a trike.  You were apparently warned previously yet you continued to go NASCAR in your neighborhood.  "Crossing double yellow lines to pass vehicles, never stopping at a stop sign, driving 20+mpg over the speed limit, blowing through cross-walks when there are dozens of kids present crossing streets and riding bikes and waiting for buses."  Getting expelled from school will be something that you will have to deal with forever.  Hopefully there is a silver lining here and you will learn and grow and not become a bigger, more pronounced and antisocial douche bag as an adult.  Still, for your efforts and re-donk-u-lous teenage shenanigans - and most specifically for lying about being molested - I hereby award you the you prestigious Douche Bag of the Week Award (note that had I known your name then I'd've custom tailored it for you... still... congrats... now wake up, grow up and man up).

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