Monday, October 16, 2017

The FBI used Electronic Evidence from Social Media to Arrest a GA Dominatrix for Extorting a Married Online Submissive Paramour ~ Call Michael A. Haber, Esq. @ 1-888-SHARK-8-1

Meet 25 y/o Erica Jean Freeman of Fairburn, Georgia, a/k/a dominatrix and fetishist "Temptress Nirvana" (that's her below).

Erica had an online dominant / submissive relationship with an unnamed married man who lives in Detroit.  Upon information and belief the arrangement was functional (bizarre but working), right up until Erica went from dominatrix / fetishist to extortionist.

The relationship reportedly started by way of Twitter in September, 2016 (Erica's, er Temptress Nirvana's account is still up and you can check it our by clicking here) but things went south on January 1, 2017 when the man (identified only as M.S.) tried to end things with his dominant paramour, but as M.S. learned, it 'aint over 'till Temptress Nirvana says it's over (or the FBI steps in and ends it...).

Once M.S. tried to end it Erica began threatening to expose him and share his fetishist tendencies with the world.  According to a Federal Criminal Complaint Erica sent M.S. emails saying "I'll tell everyone you've ever met in your entire life." and "I'll tell the entire state of Michigan. It's on."  Erica also used email to threaten to tell M.S's wife:  "I'll be booking an appointment with your wife to tell her what you did to me."

M.S. had good reason to be worried (I mean apart from the fact that he was a closet submissive fetishist) as, during the honeymoon phase of their relationship (i.e. before she started extorting him) M.S. had sent Erica compromising and explicit photos of himself, and so M.S. paid Erica, weekly, in an effort to keep her quiet.


M.S. sent weekly payments of $250.00 and as a reward Erica would mail him a pair of her red underwear.  In fact, at one point M.S. sent her a photo of himself wearing the underwear on his head as proof that he had received her token of appreciation.  (No that is not M.S. below... it's just a random pic taken off of Temptress Nirvana's Twitter page.)

M.S. faithfully made his weekly payments through April (totaling about $5,000.00), and then, in a desperate bid to end things, he sent her a lump sum of $5,000.00, but she wanted more (reportedly demanding $15,000).  When M.S. began to ignore her nonstop demands to collect more money Erica reportedly grew angrier.

Erica reportedly left a voicemail for M.S.'s wife stating that "Your husband has been cheating on you since your honeymoon, and he's also a pervert."  Erica also reportedly attempted to contact people on M.S.'s Facebook page before the FBI swooped in and arrested her for extortion (for which she faces up to 2 years in prison). 

The silver lining:  A dominatrix should feel right at home in the pen.

Memo to the Folks:  Extortion, or "blackmail", refers to the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through the use of force or threats, and, as Erica now knows, it is a crime.  The problem with extortion (for the person being extorted) is that if you want your extortionist to be arrested then you necessarily have to be willing to come out of the shadows and go to the authorities with an honest and open accounting of events.  In this case, apart from the FBI, M.S. had to come clean to his wife (at least) and maybe others, but on the plus side he's not paying for "reward panties" in perpetuity. The bottom line is that, kinky online fetishes or otherwise you have to be careful about who you share what with, because you never know if there is an ulterior motive, an underhanded opportunist or a plain Jane extortionist waiting for you wearing sheep's clothes (while wielding a cat-o-nine-tails). 

At Michael A. Haber, P.A. the goals in representing folks are A) to be honest and realistic about litigation objectives; B) to be fair in regard to fees; C) to be consistently available and responsive to the client (in person, by phone call, text, email, Facebook. Twitter and otherwise); D) to keep the client informed; and E) to secure your positive feedback / client review at the conclusion of each case.

At Michael A. Haber, P.A. "Its all about reasonable doubt"!

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