Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Former Ms. KY is Arrested for Bringing Pot into Jail for an Inmate because Authorities Monitored Conversations ~ Call Michael A. Haber, Esq. @ 1-888-SHARK-8-1

Meet 28 y/o Kia Hampton, a former beauty pageant winner from Kentucky.   That's her below...

Kia was crowned Miss Kentucky USA in 2011, reportedly being the first African-American woman chosen to represent Kentucky in the Miss USA Pageant.

Kia has fallen from grace, having been arrested on May 26, 2017 for smuggling marijuana into the Allen Correctional Institution in Lima, Ohio.

Her introduction of contraband into the correctional facility was anticipated by authorities who had been eavesdropping on her telephone communications with inmate Jeremy Kelly.

Armed with the knowledge that she was planning on smuggling pot into the jail for Jeremy authorities were prepared, having secured a search warrant prior to and in anticipation of Kia's arrival at Allen Correctional.

And it was not just any warrant... it was a warrant authorizing a body cavity search!

So when Kia arrived to "visit" Jeremy on May 26 she was immediately served with the search warrant, but apparently no one got the privilege as, while interrogating Kia she reportedly reached into her pants and dropped a white balloon containing 2.82 grams of marijuana to the floor.

Kia was indicted for a felony charge of bringing drugs onto government facility, which, in KY, carries a maximum 3 year prison sentence.

Memo to the Folks:  Florida Statutes 951.22 and 944.47 define the crime of "Introduction of Contraband into a Correctional Facility" as being committed when a person 1) knowingly introduces, possesses, or attempts to introduce or possess, contraband intended for an inmate 2) into a county jail or state prison and 3) does not do so through authorized channels.  Contraband is defined as being any written or recorded communications or currency, article of food or clothing, intoxicating beverage, controlled substance or non-prescription drugs that causes a hypnotic, stimulating, or depressing effect, firearm, weapons of any kind, or explosive substance and cellular telephones or portable communication devices.

Memo to the Folks continued:  In FL the penalties for Introduction of Contraband into a Correctional Facility differ depending on whether the correctional facility was a county or state facility and on the type of contraband introduced.  The minimum maximum penalty (meaning that the most time that you face for any violation of Florida Statutes 951.22 and 944.47 ) is 5 years in state prison and could be as much as 15 years in state prison.  You have no right to enter a correctional facility (meaning that you can be denied entry) and entering a correctional facility subjects you to being searched.  If you get caught either trying to enter or actually inside with any contraband then you will be arrested, and this is one of those charges that is ridiculously easy for the government to prove.  By the way, this applies to lawyers as well as to lay-folk (many an attorney has been arrested for bringing contraband into a jail).

Memo to the Folks continued:  Just as you have no right to enter, you also have no right to privacy in a jail, and this holds true for both the inmate and anyone voluntarily entering (whether physically, by mail or by phone).  When you physically enter you are subject to being searched, any mail that you send to an inmate will be opened and read (unless it is "legal mail" from a bona fide lawyer to an incarcerant - in which case it will be opened but not read) and any communications (be them in person or over a phone) will be recorded (and possibly live-monitored), so be aware and be smart.  It's not only you that you need to protect but also the inmate (i.e. discussions about a pending criminal prosecution can be recorded and then introduced as evidence against the inmate later in court).

Memo to Kia Hampton:  You too could look good in stripes...

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