Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Pissed-Off TX Man Pays $212.00 Speeding Fine by Dumping 2 5-Gallon Pails filled with 21,200 Pennies on Municipal Clerk's Counter ~ Call Michael A. Haber, Esq. @ 1-888-SHARK-8-1

Speeding tickets suck.  No one likes to get them.  But apparently no one likes to get them less than Frisco, Texas' own Brett Sanders.

Brett was cited for speeding 9 mph over the limit, contested his citation, lost in court and was fined $212.00 which he determined to pay in a spectacular way, and so Brett set out to choreograph his spectacle.

Brett started calling local banks and arranging to buy pennies (literally in boxes of $25.00) totaling nearly 22,000 of them.  

He then spray painted two 5-gallon buckets black and labeled them with yellow stenciled signs that read "Extortion Money" and "Policing for Profit", used a meat hammer to smash his 220 (or so) penny rolls open, used a shovel to fill the buckets with the pennies (and their mangled roll wraps) and headed off to the Clerk's Office at the Frisco Courthouse, apparently along with someone(s) who videotaped his antics start to finish (you can watch the video, entitled "How to pay a speeding ticket. #ResistTheft", which has more than 1.1 million YouTube views, by clicking here).

As he walks in, empty handed, Brett says to the unsuspecting Clerk "Hello I'm here to pay a traffic ticket".  After asking for his driver license information the unsuspecting Deputy Clerk advises that "it's $212.00 please", to which Brett replies: "Do you take exact change?", and after the Clerk says "yes sir" Brett says "Let me run out to the truck... I'll be right back", and with that Brett goes to his truck, recovers the pair of 5-gallon buckets and the video shows him slo-mo'ing his way back into the Courthouse and up to the Clerk's counter where he advises the Clerk that "you're in luck... I have exact change", and he then promptly proceeds to dump his buckets onto her counter.  

You cannot hear what the unsuspecting Deputy Clerk says but the look of shock on her face is plain as day as Brett dumps out his legal tender, one bucket after the next.

After he finishes dumping the second bucket and as he begins to walk away Brett cavalierly advises the Clerk that she can mail him the receipt.

As Brett leaves he extends a gratuitous "peace sign" out of his pickup window and says "peace out".  

Four hours later Brett got a call from the Clerk's Office advising that he had some change coming to him (the voice mail is played on his video, and, as it turns out, Brett had overpaid his fine by $7.81 - an extra 781 pennies) and then the video splices in a clip from "All Time Low"'s 2009 album "Nothing Personal" of black and white early movie footage of someone unloading a tommy-gun into another person while maniacally laughing and saying "keep the change ya' filthy animal".   The video then shows the piled up pennies at the abandoned Clerk's counter with the presumed videographer innocently asking "Wow, Jeez what happened"?, to which the snarky reply "I guess someone paid their fine" quickly issues.  The video then ends with the caption "Like & Subscribe to end the police state".

Memo to Brett Sanders:  With all due respect to your ability to pay your fine as you see fit, that video was one of the biggest bestest displays of ultimate douche baggery that I have ever witnessed, making you...   

Memo to Brett Sanders continued:  I get that you think you got a raw deal, and maybe you did, but A) WTF did that innocent Deputy Clerk do to deserve hours (literally over three (3) hours) of picking up and counting pennies, B) How does this effect the only logical target of your ire (the cop, who is the only person - other than you... after all you are the one who was speeding, albeit not by much but still, no matter how you slice it, ultimately this is on you - whom you could rationally have targeted) and C) How does this action in any way either vindicate you or promote "Extortion Money", "Policing for Profit" or explain that no one has authority over you (yes, I noticed your cute t-shirt)?  You know what I see when I watch your video?  I see behavior that is tantamount to this...

And as to that...

Memo to Brett Sanders continued:  You are obviously intelligent and resourceful, so it's a shame that you didn't use your talent to find a way to get your message across without messing with an innocent civil servant.  Just because you have a right doesn't mean that you should employ it.  In this case that Deputy Clerk did not earn one penny of your ire, yet she got 212,781 of them, and in my book that's way uncool.

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